A printable version of this chart is available here Download Polux Cable colour chart for download in PDF format.


Cables are available in various sizes in both solid and stranded versions. The solid conductors range from 0.200mm to 1.29mm and the stranded from 7/.15mm (0.124mm²) to 48/.20mm (1.51mm²) in various configurations.
The size range for High Temperature Power Cables and PTFE Equipment Wires differ from the standard sizes for Thermocouple Cables. The popular sizes for both of these cable types are standard to our range.


The wire used in our thermocouple cable manufacturing programme is produced using wire to BS EN-60584-1 1996 and BS EN-60584-2 1993 in either class 1 or class 2. We also offer ANSI MC96.1 Special Tolerance material over a limited range of cables as per customer requirements.
Plain Copper, Plated Coppers, and Pure Nickel conductors also meet internationally recognised standards.


PVC -30° to 105°C
PFA / PTFE -75° to 260°C
Glass Fibre to 350°C
High Temperature Glass to 750°C
Ceramic Fibre to 1204°C

All temperatures shown are continuous working temperatures.

For further information on the suitability of our insulation types for your specific application, please contact our sales department direct or use the contact form for your enquiry.


Cables are available in various constructions with or without screening and/or metal overbraiding. Both single and multi-pair cables can be produced. Total number of pairs is dependant on the wire type, size and insulation. We produce many bespoke cables to meet our customers' exacting requirements. Please contact our sales to discuss any specialised cables that you may require.